29 Jan. 2020

Jewellery is in the spotlight at Premiere Classe


Fine jewellery and jewellery: discover the exceptional pieces


Fine jewellery showcases the most beautiful precious and semi-precious stones. Each designer sets them in a unique way, in accordance with their brand’s DNA. Discover our selection of designers, stamped with the best savoir-faire in fine jewellery.


Little Ones

Sustainable jewellery for both mother and child - this was the brilliant idea of Amélie Brunswick. It is with true passion, know-how and the highest standards, that Little Ones Paris produces precious jewellery with original cuts, artisanally crafted in France.

Les Merveilleuses

A trip around India inspired Isabelle Besombe, founder of ‘Les Merveilleuses’, to create understated, minimalist, refined and elegant jewellery - made out of gold, rubies, topaz, opal… True know-how is never lacking, perfectly mastered by her jeweller Jean-Luc, who makes the jewellery in his Paris workshop.


A dose of simplicity, spontaneity, impetus and playfulness… to create fine jewellery, suitable for daily wear. Parisiennes Charlotte Heymann and Céline Alimi, both truly in love with precious stones, colours, and fashion, create new models each season.



Gemstones, unique jewels, technical feats, exceptional know-how and more... The Premiere Classe jewellery selection brings you rare pieces, made by renowned diamond artisans, as well as upcoming trends. This true art form will be in the spotlight in the Tuileries Tent.


Colette Jewelry

Feminine romanticism coupled with an edgy sensibility is at the core of this designer’s work, resulting in the avant-garde aesthetic with which the brand has become synonymous. Contemporary yet timeless, each piece is an object of desire meant to be received and passed down for generations to come.


The style and unbridled creativity of Djula has truly revolutionised the jewellery world. By daring to launch the ‘glam-rock’ trend, with its pure and graphic lines, the brand has bypassed norms of traditional jewellery. Their famous collection, ‘barbelés’ was an enormous success.

Nickho Rey

The ‘trend’ at the heart of jewellery? It’s thanks to the Nickho Rey House, founded between Malibu and New York in 2016 by JesseRay Vasquez. By creating exceptional pieces which can be worn in day-to-day life, he has put ‘fashion’ at the heart of jewellery. His signature pieces are diamond-lined hoops which are constantly whimsically reimagined with various carefully chosen materials; rose gold, black diamonds, crystals and spinel.

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