29 Jan. 2020

The Accessories at Premiere Classe


Come and take a look at the future trends in Accessories from 28th February at Premiere Classe

The avant-garde is in the spotlight this season. Come and discover our selection of accessories in our emblematic worlds… a mix of a classic savoir-faire, new trends and premium brands. Designers highlighted will reveal their brand’s true DNA. Buyers from all around the world will be present for this unmissable accessory event!


S by Shourouk

French designer, Shourouk, who is passionate about embroidery and shiny details, founded her eponymous brand in 2007, alongside partner Pierre Lasquier. The word ‘Shourouk’ means ‘sunrise’ in Arabic - this is a fitting summary of the brand and the designer behind it. 11 years later, Shourouk has launched its second line: S by Shourouk. The collection is more minimalistic, however ever-opulent - expect gold, zirconia and baroque pearls!

Also; Medecine douce, 5 octobre, Marie laure Chamorel, Colette jewelry, Clinq, Helena Rohner, Lorina Balteanu, Dominique Denaive Paris, Gilbert Gilbert…


Léage Paris

Pauline Léage living between Paris and Ho-Chi-Minh, has founded her brand for men and women. Léage reflects an urban and fragmented lifestyle, where the private and professional lives mix. Each product combines different shapes, colours and handles. Léage aims to find the perfect balance between style, functionality and comfort.

Also; Roberta pieri, Serpui, Sous les pavés, Maison Boinet, Majo, Mimi berry, Bertini, Campomaggi, Dalaleo, Jamin puech…


Anca Stetco

Anca Stetco’s footwear collection, which is aimed at a determined and feminine woman, was launched In 2016. Her designs are experimental, thanks to a her shoe-sculpture inspiration, which combines innovation, modernity and tradition. Each timeless piece of footwear is made by the best Italian craftsmen of the Riviera del Brenta, in the region of Venice.

Also; Paraboot, Sartore, Paola d'Arcano, Elena Iachi, Rosa Mosa, Avril Gau, Judari, Grenson, Mia Jahn, Halmanera…



Trovelore is an embroidery workshop which specialises in the use of mixed materials in order to create a line of original, hand-embroidered jewellery. Broches, hair clips, necklaces, bracelets and cuffs: the line is inspired by flora and forna from diverse ecosystems, reminding us of the infinite beauty which is omnipresent in our incredible planet. The collection is handmade to order in small batches by skilled artisans in India, who work in excellent conditions.

Also; Ma Poésie Paris, Maria la rosa, Bonne maison, Celine Robert Chapeaux, Traits made in france, Laulhere french beret since 1840, Lea Clement, Léo atlante, Lovat & green, My bob...


Orris London

Orris London was founded in 2016 and is based in London. The brand reinvents traditional glasses chains withs their luxurious, handmade chains and necklaces, upon which you can hang your favourite glasses. Each piece is handmade out of acetate - a beautiful, plant-based plastic. They are light, durable, hypoallergenic and feel silky-smooth. The new collection, which is even more eco-friendly, is made out of wood pulp and cotton fibre, organic acetate without oil, 100% natural and 100% biodegradable.

Also; Nanni, Spektre eyewear...

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