12 Feb. 2020

Cashmere Flakes: the sustainable label


The Mongolian Cashmere brand will be at the Impact event at Premiere Classe

Founded in Côme in 1882, Saldarini continues to write its family story by committing itself to a sustainable and creative fashion industry. Its collection is composed of easy and premium pieces. It has launched the label Cashmere Flakes: an innovative and patented process, which uses Mongolian certified cashmere which has been harvested during the naturally-occurring springtime moulting of hircus goats.


The label Cashmere Flakes AW2020 will exhibit 5 capsule collections, all developed by young talents from all over the world:

• CINOH, Tokyo - Winner of the TOKYO FASHION AWARD 2019

• DAWEI, Paris Bejing - Finalist of the ANDAM 2019 prize, presented in the official Paris Fashion Week calendar since Mars 2019

• MARCO RAMBALDI, Milan - Finalist of WHO’S ON NEXT 2017 and GREEN CARPET AWARD 2018, presented in the official Milan Fashion Week calendar since February 2019

• SAVOAR FER, Paris-Zurich - Member of the FASHION REVOLUTION movement

• VICTORIA / TOMAS, Paris - Finalist for the FESTIVAL DE HYÈRES 2013 Grand Prize & and the ANDAM 2017 prize, presented in the official Paris Fashion Week calendar since 2017.

Cashmere Flakes is already sold by 10 Corso Como Milan, Luisa Via Roma (#LVR Sustainable) and Degli-Effetti.

It has a common goal: to create a positive chain, which goes from the producer to the consumer, thus protecting human beings, animals and the environment. Since 2016, Saldarini has been producing Cashmere Flakes with an environmental impact which is both positive and responsible. They also develop ‘eco-compatibility’: a governing principle in the Saldarini business’ path is to become green.


Unlike synthetic padding, which comes from oil, cashmere is a natural product. It not only respects the goats’ natural pace of life, but also the rhythm of the seasons. Limiting overproduction is another priority at the heart of this project, which can be compared to a natural Gore-Tex.


Saldarini cashmere is purchased from a consortium of nomadic Mongolian shepherds and respects the environment. This is thanks to a project by the Coopération Suisse au Développement, which has established a code of conduct for sustainable farming.


The cashmere is harvested when the Mongolian goats naturally lose their undercoat during the springtime. The technique consists of grooming the goats in order to gather the fleece which has already been shed, but can stay attached to the coat. This method ensures that there is no shearing, nor overproduction. The slogan, “Our goats live in Mongolia, we don’t shear them, we gently comb ‘em!” is printed on the shepherds’ jackets.


By avoiding Chinese trade firms, Saldarini cashmere is purchased by a cooperative for a fair and reasonable price, ensuring as a result, a better quality of life for the different participants in the supply chain. Working directly with shepherd families and reducing intermediaries promotes trading which is respectful and benevolent for all. Saldarini is also very involved in the fashion industry. The Cashmere Flakes project meets and supports many young, emerging talents who share its values. Laurence and Francesco Saldarini are convinced that innovation and ecologically responsible consciousness are needed for the democratisation of luxury goods. To dream, dare to break old and stereotypical patterns, to innovate, create an identity which is distinctive and reflective of the times; these are the key words of the international project, ‘Cashmere Flakes’.

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