19 Sep. 2019

Goooders x Premiere Classe


Goooders presents unique eco-friendly brands at Premiere Classe

Goooders, the new platform for premium ethical fashion for conscious travellers, is presenting its cutting-edge selection of ethical and eco-friendly brands advocating for local craftsmanship and a positive social and environmental impact in the world.

A closer-look at 6 brands on display in the Goooders area in the Louvre tent:

I was a Sari, supported by the Equilibrium project by Gucci, specialises in recycling old saris. Women from marginalised communities in Mumbai are trained to become artisans and embroiderers, and then to recreate saris using recycled designs.

Okapi creates bags, where each element of the bag is traceable, sustainable and ethical.

Muamua dolls have become famous with their iconic designs first commissioned by Karl Lagerfeld. Today, the collection showcases dresses and bags made from recycled plastic bottles colleced from the beaches in Bali, where the brand is based.

The Ara Lumières motto is to offer someone a second chance and to be and to promote empowered woman, a project originally created to support Indian women who fell victim to acid attacks.

Calla: Calla Haynes has created unique and handmade slipper designs, using recycled vintage Boucharouites carpets.

SeeMe: an ethical jewellery brand certified by the “World Fair Trade Organisation” supporting women who were victims of violence.

Other brands to discover: Wear Panda, Opaline et Goooders

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