05 Dec. 2019

Interview with Nadia Azoug, founder of Monsieur Paris


For 9 years now, Premiere Classe has been welcoming the unmissable Parisian jewellery brand, Monsieur Paris

9 years ago, the designer Nadia Azoug opened her first boutique-atelier in the heart of the Marais in Paris, the historic neighbourhood of goldsmiths and jewellers. Since its launch the brand Monsieur Paris has been a must-see on the Parisian scene and offers real goldsmith's treasures made of gold and silver. As a fashion sociology graduate, the precision of Nadia Azoug's pieces praises the French ancestral know-how, the taste for beautiful objects and well-made things. Moreover, its two shops located a few metres from each other enhances the praise of the passing of time, between tradition and modernity. Celebrating slowing down and a return to basics.

How did your brand Monsieur Paris come to life ?

Monsieur Paris is celebrating its 10-year anniversary at the beginning of 2020. Since launching our brand, we now work in the Marais between both of our shops - one is an atelier and the other is a showroom - we also collaborate with a panel of craftsmen from the neighbourhood for different parts of our design process such as the gold plating, gem-setting and jewellery engraving. From purchasing the raw materials to distribution, we work in total transparency, our uniqueness lies in the fact that all of our creations are manufactured within a 800m2 perimeter and we are proud of that.

Why did you want to create a “boutique-atelier” ?

Our brand was launched with the first boutique-atelier and so we also wanted to share and communicate on this profession and know-how so that people could be in direct contact with jewellers. Since the beginning, we have always made semi-custom jewellery, all of our jewellery are permanent designs. You can choose the shade of gold, the stone that you would like and the size as well. This creates very personal jewellery according to each client’s desires.

What is your history with Premiere Classe ?

I first attended Premiere Classe 9-years ago a little after the launch of Monsieur Paris. I had my first experience with buyers, particularly international ones, and it was a good stepping stone for the future. Then, I came back last year, after having missed a few, where I was truly able to consolidate the brand and to build a loyal Parisian clientele base. We are not only in a consumerist relationship with our clients, there is a story behind every piece of jewellery. We are back to fulfill gifts and special occasions. Every piece of jewellery and every story has a meaning.

Why did you choose to be 100% Made in France ?

We want to call upon French know-how. There is talent available here, and we want to perpetuate the history of Parisian jewellery by creating our pieces by respecting and spreading these different trades. It takes roughly four weeks of work to create our jewellery pieces. Craftsmanship takes time, as should desire and longing. At Monsieur Paris we have a longstanding relationship with fashion and jewellery, over the four weeks we have the time to select and try things and to create.

What do you gain from the Premiere Classe experience ?

Premiere Classe held at the Tuileries, in the heart of Paris, highlights Parisian and French know-how as a whole, even if there are also some beautiful international brands. We are a young brand so everything we experience here is beneficial whether its sales, encounters or discoveries from other designers....There is real care taken at Premiere Classe which resonates with the exhibitors, buyers and even the journalists. Today, human encounters are vital to me in a society ruled by the internet. Premiere Classe conserves this intimate encounter, alongside Paris Fashion Week.

What do you see for the future of fashion ?

I am both amused and touched by the raising awareness in the industry on the ecological and human implications of the fashion industry. No matter what happens, this increased awareness is still good, even if its a little late in my opinion. Also, the greenwashing from some brands has made me even more confused. We are often more involved in communicating than having a real desire to do something significant. Now that there is already an awareness, which is essential, people have to take their time to do things.

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