24 May. 2019

True Romance


The celebration of a community

Premiere Classe is a world driven by creation, a place where chemistry starts to reveal the unexpected.

“True Romance pays tribute to all that is creative and vibrant, the moment of a new discovery that reinvents that which follows.” Thomas Phélizon - Creative Director of Premiere Classe

Premiere Classe chose the talented Jefferson Fouquet to reimagine this world. His art develops a dialogue between flowers and the real world, a symbol of life, an allegory of encounters.

“The proposal from Premiere Classe was just perfect: a carte blanche in an urban space with flowers, it’s all that I love! The fashion aspect was even more interesting as my approach is to desacralise flowers, flowers in fashion.” **Jefferson Fouquet **

It is by confronting the worlds, breaking with the norm and engaging with the bizarre, that Jefferson questions and reveals new compelling alternatives.

© Jefferson Fouquet - Céline Saby

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