Health charter

Protecting ourselves to protect other

As an events organiser, our mission is to continue to facilitate gatherings, accelerate the recovery period, expand your business opportunities and promote your know-how to our community.

Our health charter aims to observe the recommended measures to be implemented in order to limit the spread of coronavirus, as decided by the French government and the WHO.

To establish this plan, which enables you to attend our events with complete confidence and peace of mind, we have worked in collaboration with our safety consulting agency, our professional federation, Unimev, our service providers, first and foremost Viparis, as well as all of our collaborators. This plan will be subject to change in accordance with the recommendations in effect at the time of the event.

Our event is in line with government restrictions which allow gatherings of less than 1,000 people to be organised in one place and at one time.

We are following the recommended health guidelines so that our event will take place under the safest conditions possible: the compulsory wearing of masks; distribution of hand sanitiser; digitalised badges…

The safety of our collaborators, partners, exhibitors and visitors is our number one priority. We do our utmost to enable you to get the most out of the event, whilst ensuring the safest possible conditions.

Your safety our priority

Mask wearing obligatory

Wearing a mask or visor inside the tents is obligatory for all staff, exhibitors and visitors, including during the assembly and dismantling periods. Masks are strongly recommended in the outside areas.

Hydroalcoholic gel provided

Hydroalcoholic gel will be available at the reception desk and at several points throughout the tent.

No badge printing at the venue

Premiere Classe will not provide any paper support during the event. There will be no badge printing at the reception desk. It is recommended to print your badge before going to the event or to present the e-badge directly on your smartphone.

Secure locker rooms

Secure locker rooms will be available to store your coats and bags.

Control of the flow of people

Security and checks at entrances and exits

  • All queues will be managed in order to maintain a 1 meter distance between visitors.
  • At the entrance of the tent, hydroalcoholic gel will be provided for you to wash your hands and checks that all attendees are wearing masks or visors will be carried out.
  • Reminders of the guidelines and barrier measures will be displayed.
  • Traffic directions will prevent the crossing of those entering and leaving the trade show.

Compliance with the safety guidelines for large gatherings

According to the government guidelines in effect at the time of the event, a limit on the number of people present inside the tent will be applied if necessary, in order to respect the quota of authorised people per day.

Informing visitors of the traffic forecasts

Visitors will be asked to voluntarily indicate on which half-day(s) they plan to visit the event, via the ticket office. A notice will be sent to all visitors to share these attendance forecasts and invite them to avoid busy periods.

Distributing the flow of visitors via the Vimeet appointment platform

Vimeet, the digital one-to-one appointment management service, is available to all exhibitors and visitors to organise their appointments, either in person or via video conference. Vimeet will enable attendees to distribute their appointments evenly over the 3 event days, thus avoiding spikes in stand attendance and allowing buyers who are not present at the event to get in touch with exhibitors.

Isolation of suspected cases

A point will be available to receive and isolate persons with suspected covid.

Increased cleaning procedures

A daily deep increased cleaning of passageways and toilets will be carried out from the assembly day until the end of the dismantling of the event.

Equipped areas

All aisles will be an average of at least 2 meters in length to allow for a smooth flow of traffic between visitors. The Conferences and Workshops areas will be designed to respect a minimum distance of 1m between people in the same group.

Special communications and reminders of the safety guidance

Announcements to remind attendees of the safety guidelines, particularly to observe a safety distance of 1m between people, will be made before and throughout the event.


Tables will be a minimum of 1 meter apart.

Service will be predominantly take-away.

Catering staff will be instructed to wash their hands every 30 minutes.

Strict health and safety measures will be ensured in service providers’ kitchens.

There will be no printed menus, only menu boards.

An individual should not attend an event if he/she has COVID-19, has been in contact with anyone with COVID-19, or someone with a suspected case of the virus, or if he/she has any of the following symptoms:

1. Fever, or feelings of a fever (like chills or being hot-cold)

2. Headache

3. Usually fatigued

4. Cough or sore throat

5. Aches

6. Problems breathing

7. Loss of smell (without nasal obstruction)

8. Loss of taste

You may download the “STOPCOVID” application from the following link:

This application warns the people who have been in contact with an infected

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